Face a Face Eyewear

Delightful colorful designs that are incredibly unique yet comfortable to wear. Straight from the streets of Paris, Face a Face eyewear looks fabulous no matter what the setting. These glasses possess pure and truly contemporary lines, sensual volumes, and vibrant colors.

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Founded in 1995 by Pascal Jaulent, Nadine Roth, Alyson Magee, Face a Face is a French based designer brand that was created with a unique perspective on what eyewear can truly be. Taking inspiration from modern art, architecture, contemporary design, and fashion trends. The founders believe that glasses with precise shapes and profound pigments can help harmonize and improve relationships not only with each other, but also with oneself. Each frame is a handcrafted work of art, every curve and bend are articulately designed to bring out the bold and the beautiful in every wearer.

The French have a long-standing tradition of producing glasses of a unique style and character. Face A Face designer glasses are no exception; they are miles ahead of the latest sensations in designer wear. With a captivating use of durable materials, geometric and unorthodox shapes with vivid color layouts, Face a Face collections achieve a perfect balance between quality, function and design. From work to play, Face a Face offers amazing designer glasses and sunglasses so you can always look stylish no matter where you are. Face a Face is a fearless and enchanting brand that never fails to stun the optical world with its one-of-a-kind creations. It was born from Parisian artistic culture over 25 years ago and has been evolving with it ever since. 

Face a Face is for courageous individuals across the globe, never shying away from being themselves and always up for an adventure. With a passion for fashion, you can always find yourself feeling your best and looking even better. Those around you marvel in your bold style and carefree attitude. You seek out the finer things in life, Face a Face can only be found in the finest opticals and boutiques. You can find the most avant-garde optical care and sun protection Face a Face has to offer at Eye Candy Optical!